Re-Submission is Live

Cheshire Lakes

09 Feb Re-Submission is Live

Cheshire Lakes Re-Submission is Live

We have been working hard over the last few months to prepare a re-submission of our Cheshire Lakes planning application and to appeal against last year’s refusal. The good news is that our re-submission is now live and you can massively help to make this incredible project happen by commenting on the application.

Even if you left us feedback via the website, on a feedback form or on the planning application last year, it is extremely important, that you please take 5 minutes of your time, to post a positive comment on the new application. A positive comment on the actual Cheshire East planning portal is very valuable to us.

Some of the key comments our supporters have left in the past include:
– Live local, and a facility like this is very much in demand
– Live local and would love to use these facilities
– Don’t live local, but would travel to the area to use the facilities
– Amazing use for a former sand quarry which will help make people more active, enjoy the country side, get outdoors and get away from their TV and phone screens!
– Would love to work at Cheshire Lakes and will bring much needed employment to the local area.

Please leave your own honest feedback on the planning portal, and remember that every comment you leave, will be read by the Cheshire East planning case officer.

You can view our application by clicking here.
To leave feedback by clicking here.

Planning Application Number: 17/0510M
Direct Link:

If you have been following our project you will know we have been effected by some very bizarre circumstances and errors from Cheshire East planning department, which led to our original application being refused, then accepted and then refused at 3 separate Strategic Planning Boards! This is an almost unheard of situation. For the moment we are putting all this behind us and concentrating all our powers on the new application. In terms of our refusal at the end of last year, it was based purely on the grounds of ecology in relation to birds (that might be there in the future). With this in mind, our new application includes some major ecological enhancements and even more mitigation.

Remember, 5 minutes of your time right now – can have a big influence on our planning application and making this amazing sporting and outdoor facility happen!

We greatly appreciate all of your support so far.

Tim and the team.

PS: If you have forgotten about our project have a look at these 2 amazing videos, which help to explain our plans for this former sand quarry.

Have a look at our sister site Foxlake Adventures, which won last years Scottish Tourism Awards, Best Outdoor Visitor Attraction:

This awesome video is shot at our other sister site, Liverpool Wake Park and shows how the facilities and sport have helped change the life of Autistic Wakeboarder, Mikey Pinder. A truly inspiring video:

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