Cheshire Lakes is a brand new outdoor adventure facility currently going through the planning and development stages. The purpose of this website is to let you all know what we are planning and to get your feedback.




We will be one of the UK’s leading Cable Wakeboard Parks.



A Low Ropes Course built over water, when you fall you go splash!



Open Water Swimming for all standards in a clean fresh water lake



Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Kayaks and Canoes for hire and groups



Explore the great outdoors on our land, lakes and woods



Café serving amazing local food and drinks



Get fit in the great outdoors and enter our Trail Running and Swimrun races



Watersports Shop selling and hiring equipment for our activities


We will be open all year round, with our peak times during the summer months. The facility will be open to the general public, will be able to cater for school and college groups and will be a fully inclusive facility.


Cheshire Lakes is being setup on a former quarry site, just outside Chelford. The site has for the last 15 years been used to extract sand and is now in its transitional period bringing the lakes and landscaping into a form where it can be used for a new venture.


Our plans are to develop a small part of the former quarry into our environmentally friendly adventure center. The remaining areas of the former quarry will be allowed to flourish into an area of wildlife, woodland and lakes. The current footpath, which runs through the middle of the site, will be retained and we feel our plans will enhance the public access and right of way.

Cheshire Lakes is a Community Interest Company with the key aims to bring opportunities to Cheshire East. We plan to offer a high quality community sporting resource available for all to enjoy, bringing health and physical activity benefits for youngsters as young as 6 through to those over 60. We will bring employment and training to the area for young people on a full time and part time basis. Upwards of 30 jobs will be created.


The team behind Cheshire Lakes has successfully setup and currently runs two similar facilities, Foxlake Adventures in Dunbar, Scotland and Liverpool Wake Park. Our lead director lives in Cheshire East and runs Industry Wake Parks, the company, which provides the watersports equipment and staff training to similar sites all over the UK and Ireland. We have vast experience in the watersports industry and successfully run other sites, which are commercially sustainable, environmentally friendly and have incredible social outcomes.


It would be impossible to give a guaranteed opening time, but we hope to be open in Spring 2017.



The Wake Park will be one of the leading cable wakeboard facilities in the UK with the potential to be a Center of Excellence. Designed to allow great progression for beginners to pro athletes. Our aim is to captivate local people with this amazing sport and give them a sporting facility that they can affordably use on a regular basis. At the same time as creating new wakeboarders in the local area the wake park will attract tourists from all over the UK to come and use the park and stay in local accommodation.

The wake park will include a 6 tower Sesitec Full Size Cable and 2 Sesitec System 2.0’s. Floating walkway and anti-backwash islands will make the riding experience very attractive and the Full Size Cable and both System 2.0’s will feature numerous obstacles from Industry Wake Parks and UNIT Park-Tech.

Cable wakeboarding could best be described as snowboarding on water. Unlike traditional water-skiing and wakeboarding we do not use a boat to tow the riders. A cable system is installed on the lake and this tows the riders through the water, floating jumps and ramps are then installed which allow the wakeboarders to perform tricks. The cable system is environmental friendly and extremely appealing to a wide demographic of people. At our sister sites at Liverpool and Foxlake we have regular riders aged 6 to over 60!




Our ropes course will be the first of its kind in England! Imagine a ropes course crossed with Total Wipe Out! That is exactly what we are planning to build at Cheshire Lakes. Our sister site in Scotland Foxlake Adventures opened the first one in Europe in 2013. It is a low ropes course setup 2m above the water. Instead of wearing a harness and being attached to a safety rope you wear a wetsuit and crash jacket and if you fall in you go splash!

This is the ultimate test of skill balance and will power. Try the Green Blue Red and Black runs to experience the different elements all of which vary in difficulty. The question is Can you make it to the zip tower without falling in? The course can be enjoyed by all abilities making it suitable for families birthday parties individuals and large groups.




Open Water Swimming is one of the most fun ways to keep fit and enjoy getting out on the water. We will be running open water swim sessions for all standards of swimmers, from complete beginners to regular open water racers. Our lakes will be monitored on a regular basis for water quality to allow a clean lake to swim in. We might even host a few races too! We will be working closely with Triathlon England to create a great training venue for

triathletes of all standards. Our facilities on site will include purpose built changing rooms and showers, pro shop, café and much more. We are also aiming to run Go Swim events with ASA, which are all about introducing new people to swimming. At Cheshire Lakes you will be able to safely swim in the outdoors, on a clean fresh water lake and enjoy the quality lakeside facilities.




You will be able to Kayak, Canoe and Stand Up Paddle Board at Cheshire Lakes. Beginners can come and try these paddle sports for the first time and we will provide all the equipment and training.


Experienced paddlers can use the beautiful water space to hone their skills and keep fit. 




Cheshire Lakes Adventure Company will be based on the former Mere Farm Quarry, in Chelford, Cheshire. We will be using just a small part of the former quarry area and the entrance will be from the B5359, Alderley Road. The site is half way between Knutsford and Macclesfield.









We hope you found our website helpful and informative. Please follow us on our social media pages to keep fully updated as we progress Cheshire Lakes Adventure Company. As we develop our site layout, business plan and planning application,

your comments and views will be extremely important to us. We hope that you like our proposals and we welcome your views. Please use this form to let us know what you think and make any suggestions.

Feedback Form


How many people / cars will visit each day?

During our peak days in summer, we expect around 300 visitors per day, which would equate to around 100 cars coming in and out. When the former quarry was working there were up to 60 truck movements each day so we do not expect to have a significant impact on local traffic. ?

What will your opening hours be?

During the main summer months we plan to be open 7 days a week, in Spring and Autumn 5 days a week and during the Winter months we imagine being open 3 days a week. Our normal opening hours would be 9am until dusk.

Is the Wakeboard Cable Tow noisy?

It is extremely quiet. The loudest noise coming for our facility will be people having fun!

Does the wakeboard cable tow damage the environment?

The cable systems are environmentally friendly as they run quietly, do not pollute the environment and can be dis-mantled without leaving behind any waste. They are driven by a small electric motor. The movement of the wakeboarders, actually helps to oxygenate the water and improve the aquatic environment.

How do you know if the water is clean?

We will be regularly monitoring the water quality and it will be tested to the EU bathing standards.

What will your Hub Building look like?

We will be creating a hub building, which very much fits into the landscape surrounding the lakes. It will have an agricultural appearance and will be a single story building, approximately 400 to 450 square meters in size. The building will house our café, watersports shop, classroom, community room, showers, changing facilities, reception and office.

What are your timelines for opening?

We are currently developing our business plan, site layout and planning application. The early months of 2016 will be about gaining feedback from local people and stakeholders, hopefully our full planning application will be submitted before Easter 2016. Fingers crossed we can build the park over winter and open in May 2017.

Will you employ local people?

We are aiming to employ around 30 people in our first year. We have attended careers fairs with the Crewe Pledge and been into local schools to talk about how we will employ people, including South Cheshire College, Wilmslow High School, All Hallows Catholic College, Maccesfield College and others. We are looking for local people who show passion and an interest in our activity, we will provide all the training. Staff will include full time, part time and apprenticeships.

What kind of training do the staff get?

We will be accredited to all the National Governing Bodies (NGBs) of the sports available at Cheshire Lakes. This will include British Waterski and Wakeboard, European Ropes Course Association, Triathlon England, Amateur Swimming Association and Canoe England. We will be training our staff inline with NGB recommendations. All our staff will be first aid trained with valid DBS checks and will be officially trained to operate and instruct each activity. There will Lifeguards, UKCC Level 1, 2 and 3 Coaches and our company will have constant on going training and staff monitoring.

What is a Social Enterprise / Community Interest Company?

We are set up as a Community Interest Company. We are a business that trades to tackle social problems, improve communities, people’s life chances and the environment. We will make money in the leisure and tourism markets and reinvest all of our profits back into the business and local community.

How will Cheshire Lakes benefit the community?

We will be providing a quality outdoor environment, which will cater for the whole community and encourage a healthy and active lifestyle for all who use it.

We will be providing long-term training and employment opportunities for young people in Cheshire. The company will provide sports development opportunities for young people to engage in alternative sports activities in a safe and welcoming environment diverting them away from anti-social behavior. We will be promoting the benefits of the outdoor environment and providing a positive experience for young people. We are aiming to become a community asset, offering greater public access to the lakes, becoming a central meeting hub and allowing our facilities to be used by local community groups.

Will the wildlife be affected?

The lake we are planning to use has only just finished being quarried and hence still looks like a sand quarry with very little vegetation or wildlife. On the former quarry site there are three lakes, of which we are planning to use only one. This will allow wildlife and habitat to develop in other areas. At similar facilities all over the UK, wildlife and the adventure centers work in great harmony together.

Will there be a public consultation?

In early 2016 we will be showcasing our ideas to the public in the local area, where you can come and meet us and see our plans. Please keep an eye on our news section for info on the date.